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don’t believe me
I deceive myself too

Heart Touching Love Shayari in English

i did a lot for her
And while leaving he said
what i told you to do

Heart Touching Love Shayari in English

We don’t wait for him anymore
What to expect from an extinguished lamp?

Heart Touching Love Shayari in English

I never had you before
I haven’t lost you even today

Heart Touching Love Shayari in English

We also find such people in the world
What we can’t have, we can only want.

Heart Touching Love Shayari in English

I wish you would come back and hug me and say
Even I am not happy without you

Heart Touching Love Shayari in English

I’m tired of managing relationships.
Every day someone gets left behind

Heart Touching Love Shayari in English

O life, you never told me
We will have to cry as much as we laugh.

Heart Touching Love Shayari in English

Here people express their rights a lot
But no one maintains relationships

Heart Touching Love Shayari in English

I will die
And you keep thinking that I am offline

Self Love Quotes in Hindi

Heart Touching Love Shayari in English

I am not very old but
yes, I have a lot of experience

Heart Touching Love Shayari in English

The habit of passing time has changed
Now I don’t have the courage to share my pain with anyone.

not because of my loved ones’ departure
It makes a difference when your loved ones change.

The effort is so much that
no one should be bothered by me

Even today my eyes teach me to sleep
I didn’t let him come before I remembered you

How busy are we in the dilemma of life?
We pray in a hurry only to commit the sin again.

I’m tired of proving myself right.
God may be wrong but my love is not

I always bow like a tear
I know that the earth has no habit of rising.

It would be better if your memories had some boundaries.
The news remains, how far is the journey to be covered?

If the body has no connection with the heart
I swear to God no accidents happen.

Travelling Quotes in English

Heart touching love shayari in english

Even if you get angry a thousand times, I will convince you.
But see that there is no one else involved in love.

Heart Touching Love Shayari in English

We left home in search of happiness.
Fate has made us travelers for life

If you have the guts then go ahead and drown me.
The ocean failed, now it’s the turn of your eyes

You have made the most beautiful faces sad a love
If you were human, I would be your first murderer.

mortgaging your dreams
I borrow a little sleep from the pillow every night

When we opened our eyelids in the morning we realized that
Today again death has handed us over to life.

maybe love is alms
very difficult to get

If the way it goes is called life
so death will be beautiful indeed

Now both the world and destiny will burn
Don’t regret, from now on you will walk at my feet.

these are those eyes
who makes me breathe

Mahashivratri Quotes in English

Heart touching love shayari in english for girlfriend

he doesn’t want to be mine
And we crazy people don’t want to lose them

Heart Touching Love Shayari in English

I came back to live my lonely life again.
Then came with her after drinking her prepared tea.

Well I hid everything
You are the only thing that I hid from my mother.

I told you what are you proud of?
He said you are with me just for this reason

sitting hand in hand
Mad people are waiting for that mad person.

My name is on their lips every moment
This is my sweetest reward

If love is a crime then let me commit the crime too.
It is better to die every day than to die one day.

You become a dream and I become a thought
You become the question and I become the answer.

How lucky that time will be
The moment you become my destiny

He saw sadness on my smiling face
She was the only one who saw me closely

I Miss You Quotes in English

Love heart touching shayari in english

This diabetes disease came from that day
The day he served tea with honey hands

I had to be punished in love
I too broke many hearts to get you

Breaking the limits of the eyelids and falling on the hem
One tear insulted my patience

I am not the rain of your destiny that can rain on you.
You have to change your destiny to get me

If you don’t agree, then weigh it on the scales.
My love is much heavier than your beauty

Who will become my sympathizer after you?
I lost myself too in my desire to get you

I have received blessings from my heart
never put my hand in my pocket to buy

It was good if it was cutting smoothly.
Life, where have you come into the words of these eyes?

Life, please sit down and listen to us.
I am in love, please give me some advice.

Made your own reflection your enemy
The mirror made a joke

 Bewafa Shayari in Hindi

Heart touching love shayari in hindi english

if love is a crime
I accept every punishment of love

will go away leaving you to yourself
Time will teach you what to value.

I wish luck was like sleep
opens every morning

Why do you embarrass me every day?
inquire about our condition
Our condition is the same as you have made it.

Yesterday a fakir looked into my eyes and said
Hey man, you were very happy before falling in love.

there is a murderer on one side
a beautiful lady on one side
I went towards the murderer
Thinking that he will die only once

oh life you are really beautiful
Still you don’t look good without him

I have to take permission to sleep even from her memories
Who himself falls asleep leaving me on my side

Keep smiling and the world will be at your feet
Otherwise even the eyes don’t give place to tears.

We don’t get even two words of love
And infamous as if we were the kings of love.

Funny Friendship Shayari in Hindi

Best heart touching romantic love shayari sms in english

Pieces of a picture of a beautiful woman were lying on the road.
Looks like some crazy person has become wise today

Your memories are also like the toys of my childhood.
When we are lonely we sit with these

Light a lamp so that you can feel your existence.
Even my shadow has left me in these darkness

He remembers us but in his free moments
It’s another matter that he doesn’t get any time.

Come let’s talk about those days for a while
When you were ours and we were yours

If she is mine, she will come back to me one day.
We do not imprison those we love

What is this love, Ghalib
One is the one who is deceived
And we are the ones who are given a chance

Everyone bears the pain alone
The crowd just does its duty

My nature is such that
i enjoy pain

I asked when will people want me like me
I just smiled and said the question is good

Matlabi Log Status in Hindi

Heart touching shayari of a love in english

I wish I could express with words
What effect do silences have?

His trick alone was enough to blow the senses of this heart.
Now it has become too much since he started wearing anklets on his feet.

She went away saying to forget me from tomorrow.
I’ve been holding off on “today” for ages.

poetry is not my hobby
These are some punishments of love

Don’t worry, I’m not sad.
I have lost the habit of just smiling

When we were little we used to call everyone by name.
When grown ups, they just call for work.

You cheated by reaching the middle of the ocean
If you had told us, we would have drowned right on the shore.

There was neither tossing nor restlessness.
what a wonderful sleep it was before love

I am burning like incense sticks
Your memory both made me smell and also made me burn.

My heart is in the cinema
but when it breaks
So pain occurs all over the body

Maut Shayari in Hindi

Love shayari heart touching in english

O life, you remain sullen.
tell me some trick to convince you
I will mortgage my breath
Just tell me the price of smiling

he said goodbye thinking
These are poor people, what can they give except love?

oh god i wish
If you also had a God, you too would have realized that
How painful it is when your prayers are not accepted.

What should I talk about this world friend?
The one in front is called bad
And the one whom we have never seen is called “God”.

Keep your wishes in your pocket and go out, sir.
It costs a lot to achieve goals

Try hard not to reveal the secret of love
How was it possible for there to be a fire and no smoke?

Whenever the world puts me in trouble
My God makes a thousand ways

I am a slave to the values of my home.
Otherwise I also tell people about their
I have a knack for showing off.

When you came forward, a strange scene happened.
Every complaint seems to have committed suicide.

Only one thing is good in these lines
Cheats but remains in hand

First Love Proposal Shayari

Heart touching love shayari in english text

I am famous for hiding my pain by smiling.
But no skill is useful when your name comes

In reality people often snatch you away from me
You come to meet me now only in dreams

who knows me better than myself
Listen, I am still unaware of myself.

my heart is in pain today
and painful in the heart

You were a dream, did it ever become reality?
I have just lost my dream, don’t I have the courage to find you?

When the wounds of your memory begin to heal
starts missing you for some reason

Don’t fall in love with them blindly, oh innocent heart.
Many injuries occur when falling from heights.

It’s just a matter of emotions otherwise
Love doesn’t happen even after seven rounds

We were alone in the rains of pain
When happiness rained, I don’t know where the crowd came from.

Keep walking throughout life but reach the grave on your shoulders
Just for the sake of a few steps, I became a favor to others.

Propose Shayari in Hindi

Heart touching sad love shayari in english

If possible, don’t make any deals now.
I have lost my life in my last love

Your thoughts don’t listen to me like you do.
When it comes, it just keeps coming

How expensive or cheap is a person sold?
This determines his compulsion

Today again salt has been poured on the wounds
Then the issue of yours and mine has been raised today.

you complain a lot about separation
I used to do the same earlier also but to meet

My heart has longed to see you again today.
If you get free time, come into your dreams

I told you that one day you will change
And you didn’t believe it

I had to keep a promise in life anyway
I had to cry openly and then I had to smile

silences are never unnecessary
There are some pains which take away the voice

I still love you the same
You don’t realize and we stopped telling you

Miss You Maa Shayari

Heart touching shayari on love in english

When life starts making you cry beyond limits
So understand that life is teaching you a lot.

You come and knock on this heart sometime
If love is less than expected then give death penalty

the moon is burning very hot today
Because there is a moon that walks with me

I just want to have you
This crazy person has no other desires
I don’t complain to you but to God
What was the need to make you so beautiful?

Alcohol is infamous for nothing
We were drunk with love
have seen people die

in thousands of faces
You are the only one I like to my heart
Otherwise there was no lack of desire
And neither do the fans

Her entire body was covered with a mask
But the eyes were telling me that
he is fond of love

My fucking heart doesn’t agree with loving her.
When I join hands, he hugs me.

vow of love
we die for you a lot
will keep you happy all the time
We have sworn this

If your lovely eyes were not here
drunkenness is not like this
We remain conscious until you arrive
Then after that we don’t hear anything

Shayari Ki Dayri in Hindi

True love boyfriend heart touching shayari in english

Today the winds have changed direction again
Today again the mood has changed.
my heart is always feeling
maybe about to agree to someone

Don’t ask the truth of the heart but it says this
The one who made you restless also remains restless.

Now only those who have it in their heart can get the light.
We have burnt our hearts and put them out in the open.

Everyone has seen the smile on my lips
Who knows what is going on in the heart?

Again the same request of the heart, again the same pride
That’s their mischief again that’s my fault

This is how we are comforting the sick at heart
Like holding a falling wall

I don’t know how many stories are created in love.
Whoever the shaman burns turns into moths.
Achieving something is not the goal of love
Some people go crazy after losing someone

Let your face settle in my eyes
We keep dying for this day and night
God bless us as long as we breathe
we just keep loving you

Who says we’ll die without him
We are a river, we will go into the sea.
They will yearn for a drop of love
What is ours? We are just clouds.
Will become love and shower it on someone else

Something is bothering me constantly.
Now God knows whether it is your memory or my heart

True Love Quotes in Hindi

True love heart touching shayari in english

There will be many places for your happiness but
You are the only reason for our restlessness

I wake up from sleep and keep searching here and there.
That you come so close to me in my dreams

This is a river of love; take your steps thoughtfully.
No one got ashore after getting into this

Love sings on your silent lips
You are mine, I am yours, this is the only sound that comes

never let go of love
You should never get angry with us and we should never get angry with you.
We cherish our love in this way
but the beats become silent
May this relationship never break

I wish the creator had made the heart out of glass.
The person who broke it would have got a wound on his hand.
whenever he looks at his hands
he would have thought of us

God bless that such a day comes
let us get lost in your arms
it’s just you and me
and let time sleep

You and everything about you is special to me
This is probably the first feeling of love

I would like to ask about your condition but I am afraid of your voice.
Every time I heard it, I fell in love.

There will be many places for your happiness but
You are the only reason for our restlessness

Shayari For Love in Hindi

Heart touching love shayari in english

Love sings on your silent lips
You are mine, I am yours, this is the only sound that comes

Listen to the punishment for straying into my arms
Now it won’t be long before I free you

He makes me drink the jam of my love with my lips.
Now it is said that drug habit is not good

Whenever I see you smiling
You are my world, this is what I think

your existence is in my prayers
You fit into the lines of my hands like this
I say Amen in prayer
and you become mine

I need your support
I need a hand that won’t break the relationship.
The thought of being separated from you
So stop, I want that breath from my body.

falling rain and
you are just an excuse in the rain
The raindrops that fall on your lips
he has to be picked up by the lips

There is no fear in life
If I am with you
when you come in front
So my background becomes blurred.

The rain drops are starting to wet us
I have started stringing a necklace of memories in my heart.
I miss you every moment
Now we can feel your heartbeat

Name and love give fragrance and loyalty.
Your heartbeat always comes from my heart
Whenever you remember us from your heart
It feels like the wind comes from heaven

Best Shayari In Hindi

Heart touching love shayari in english for girlfriend

Sometimes I saw tears and sometimes I saw happiness
We often saw helplessness and helplessness
What should we make of their anger?
We saw the helplessness of our own fate

Look at me, don’t do this to me.
To become a rebel for your love
Don’t make me drink so much of love
May I become addicted to the poison of love

I’m afraid of you getting angry
your presence is enough
who makes me feel your presence
Who says
Love requires two bodies to become one.
love is done with feeling

You are the dust of my life
You are the flower that blooms in the heart.
Now you are accepted in my every moment

Sometimes I miss them, sometimes I dream of them
They know so many ways to torture me

There are little ones in this universe.
But you are the universe of this madman.

We will play faithfully in love until our last breath
see how far you can go

I don’t have the habit of having crushes on anyone.
I never thought of being separated

Khwahish Havas, both of my clothes are on
We too are crazy about you

Loneliness has become a habit of cutter
Now I can’t make anyone fall in love

Block Shayari in hindi for love

Love heart touching shayari in english

The effluent composition should be arranged
Forget about love, we don’t even have friendship.

their relationship room broke
My relationship is with the soul, how can I break it?

love yourself so much love
can’t close your eyes

I don’t die on everyone
You are the best for me and there are thousands of you
I am not, my life should be one in millions.

Heart touching lines in hindi for life
It was wrong but now I remember the song
We will fall in love whenever we want, now after marriage

Oh God, don’t make me such a stone hearted person.
These people habitually give up
See more Tarz doesn’t even come

What did someone discover this speaker lecture
What led to this best description

To get tools out of any pain
let us see their condition

It’s a matter of time who used to abuse earlier
I am forced to applaud today

When the world sees your love and mine, it will turn like this
Just don’t hold my hand or I will die

Aap Hamesha Khush Rahe Shayari

Heart touching love shayari in hindi english

We were sitting enjoying ourselves when suddenly we felt pain.
Your memory didn’t do me any good by coming back.

If you remember, day will turn into night.
look in the mirror we will talk
don’t bother to meet us
Close your eyes and we will meet.

This love is more dangerous than poison
Whoever tastes it dies and lives.
Some people enter my heart like this
If you take them out, you will die.

Don’t remember so much that you can understand yourself.
Let me realize that I have my own personality too.

It is no longer in my power to remember you or not.
My heart has a habit of taking your name with every beat.

waiting for someone who has hope of coming
The fragrance of the flower that I have
It doesn’t matter if we can’t reach our destination.
Sorrow also belongs to the person who feels love.

We are with you every step of the way, every moment
Even though we are far away, we are with you
It may or may not be yours, but we swear by you.
I feel your absence every moment

style-e-love is your style
stay away from us, it’s your fault
There is a lovely picture of you in my heart
Under which ‘I miss you’ is written

I will adorn you with my lips
I want to sing your songs only
We are destined to burn out
just want to light up for once

If love existed only in gestures
Who gives beauty to these words?
‘Taj Mahal’ would have remained just a stone
If love doesn’t give it its identity

Badmashi Status in Hindi

Best heart touching romantic love shayari sms in english

Maintain a distance relationship when you meet someone
Those who hug often give a lot of pain

buried under the pillow
Thoughts of you with immense love and many more years

O life, don’t ask for accounts
When you also did not count the atrocities, we also did not count the wounds.

The time has passed when I longed for you
Now even if you become God, I will not worship you.

Strange is the case with my poetry.
I have no idea about the person for whom I am writing.

smile softly at someone
This whole universe happens for someone

When I miss you I get a little lost
When tears come to your eyes you cry
there is no sleep in my eyes
But I fall asleep thinking that you will come in my dreams

Even though there will be millions of people who love you
Who can love you more than yourself
We will be the only ones who love you

If I ask my heart, you are still mine
It’s another matter that fate cheated you.

my heart never spoke to me like this
After you came he started saying something to me

Instagram Shayari Bio In Hindi

Heart touching shayari of a love in english

We were once very special in someone’s eyes
But it doesn’t take long to change your perspective

Why do you embarrass me by asking about my condition every day?
The situation is the one you have created for me

whenever it rains
you come into my thoughts
you are as sweet as the wind
you become a heartbeat

I wanted to meet God from someone close to me
When we meet you this dream comes true

those black eyes look so killer
I feel it in your eyes
Drown and get drunk

Why do we want only one person?
We spoil our world for someone else

Don’t bring anything into the storm of emotions
we want more in life
You have to get it even after life

Let’s admit that we are your culprits
but just to tease you a little
Lots of love coming your way

we went far away from your life
But I’m still wandering today
in the streets of your memories

Mehndi Shayari in Hindi

Love shayari heart touching in english

Life is very strange isn’t it?
She joins the same among millions of people
who is not destined to meet

That was just a mistake in my life
And to forget that mistake
I have lived an age

we were so used to being alone
We had forgotten what a crowd is

life is just an excuse
In reality, the ones who make us cry are our own people.

i long for them both
and for someone else

i learned to love you
I will never give up, no matter what happens to me.
But I will only find you in my heart

let me hold your hand once
So understand that I will stay with you all my life
I’m not like other lovers
That I will leave your hand in the middle and go away

Don’t torture me like this you will die
And even when my beloved calls you
won’t be able to come back

oh my unknown lover
i love you and i love you so much
I can’t explain in words

The problem with some good people is that
He will never tell you that he feels bad about what you say
he’ll just keep quiet
He will wait until you realize your mistake

Attitude Quotes Instagram

Heart touching love shayari in english text

Every girl in the world is not the same
And not every boy is the same
It is not necessary that someone has hurt you
then punish the people of the world

How interesting is this journey of love
Heart is the river and heart is the shore

my heart used to beat every moment
I longed for your memories every moment

when i told god
please accept my prayer sometime
he also said smilingly
You stop asking for just one person

My heart was angry not with you but with you
he turned his face away after looking at us

This is the custom of the world
meeting and parting
But I don’t know what kind of relationship this is with you.
neither meeting nor parting

no matter how happy one is
Sometimes remembering someone makes you cry

Rona Mozra is written in Aankhon Dekhi
If he just gives the butterfly, the flowers will come out.

Pay attention to everything, calculate everything
maybe i took a job instead of love

Nowadays I pray to God for happiness
I can’t believe that I already love you
I didn’t know who he was.

Quotes on Silence in Hindi

Heart touching sad love shayari in english

The journey is lonely, the destination is still incomplete
no problem, everything is with me but
the only thing missing is you

Not enough to snatch me away from the world
but no one came out of my heart
I haven’t even given myself this much right

I will hide you in my arms like this
Even the wind asks for permission to pass.
Let me become intoxicated with your love like this
to ask for permission to regain consciousness

Those wounds still make me cry
the mistake i didn’t make
convicted even though i’m innocent

love relationship and friendship are everywhere
whether we call or not
but it remains the same
where he is respected

That’s why distance comes in love
Who is worthy of your love?
Some people leave when distance comes
Only those who truly love do not go

broken heart and smile
from the person with the face
there is nothing stronger than this

every heart hurts
Some people hide it in their eyes
and some people in their smile

If we think about it, every day is special
If you realize then every moment is memorable
If you look at it, everyone is a special person
Life is beautiful if we live freely

Some people in life are more important to us
Not because we like being with them more
Because when he is not there I feel alone’

 Bf Shayari in Hindi

Heart touching shayari on love in english

The hardest times in life come when
When you see your love with someone else

We don’t appreciate some things until
until we understand
And by the time I understand, they’ll be memories

i never feel alone
Because loneliness is always with me

Pain is a part of everyone’s life
every pain teaches something
And that learning changes a person

Love is a language that everyone speaks
which can only be understood by the heart

sometimes it’s good to be alone
Because no one can hurt us

Who needs enemies anymore?
enough of my own to give pain

What does he have to do to come and convince me?
They would have said that you should go to hell with your life.

Believe me, I have tried a lot
Neither the heartbeat stops nor the memory of you

I knew that people change
But I never counted you among those people.

If you are happy by making me cry
I’m ready to cry all my life

Real Life Quotes in Hindi

True love boyfriend heart touching shayari in english

We have lost them too in love
who used to say that we are only yours

Man’s biggest defeat occurs when
We are nothing to the one whom we think is everything

No matter how hard I try to be happy
But when I remember you, tears come out

I am not sad about your change
I am ashamed of my belief

Some change today and some tomorrow
Trust me friend, everything changes here

This love is very bad, friends
It breaks even those who never broke.

he cheated
And I started hating myself

This is the world, friend
Clear days are left for beautiful faces

tears have no color
When he comes there is no one with him

To whom I am as per my understanding
Rest, my God knows how I am.

Heart Touching Emotional Sad Shayari

Heart touching shayari on love in english

Heart touching lines in hindi for life
Life does not pass through someone’s memories
if you give me life
Sometimes I meet someone without any complaints
memories don’t last a lifetime

The problem is only between expectation and reality
So either keep your expectations low
and accept reality

hatred is like acid
you’ll end up hating people
nothing will happen to people
the light within you has been destroyed

some people enjoy words
Some people console with their behavior
Some people relax by fishing
Enjoy the most on tab
When someone close to us ignores us

Friends, this is the identity of love
there are fights there are fights
let’s make another picture

people are not always nice
nice people are not always beautiful

Sometimes mood changes, sometimes luck changes
My character changed again when I became selfish
Some people focus their attention on articles
They are hiding that their reality has changed

He was looking for Mirza to leave
I upset you
made this difficult easy

i loved him even if he was wrong
I put myself in my eyes

there are statues in the sky kids
competition baby jumps and smiles
These children are also of good mind
train children and teach them something

Masoom Chehra Shayari

True love heart touching shayari in english

Now if you love me then ask me
Love loses in religious disputes

I have to live and die with you
May my breath never be apart from you
I can tell you my love
I have this much right on you

Will become such a support for you that
you will never break
And I want you so much that
you will never get angry

No one can meet us as if we are ours.
Even if we meet, it will be like a shore
Every dream shattered like glass
Just a wait with you as support

His eyes used to get drenched with tears
I used to cry when I remembered you.
I had thought that I’ll forget you, but
He changed his decision every time

How beautiful the world becomes at that time
When someone close to you says he is missing you

The condition of the heart cannot be told to anyone.
their love is not hidden from us
There’s only one memory left after they’re gone
Even that memory cannot be erased from the heart

This is the nature of the land.
she erases everything else
of tears falling in your memory
it was a different ocean

If you love then smile
Don’t cheat anyone by pretending to be yours.
remember while we live
otherwise don’t say this
Left memories in my heart

I have seen my contract in sad eyes
The first time Baker has seen him
What news was there about my arrival?
Now his eyes are waiting to see

King Shayari in Hindi

Heart touching love shayari in english for girlfriend

I’m ready to fight the whole world for you
Because in this world of infidelity you are my true love

a thing about everything
Only he will support you with all his heart
Who will come with you in every bad time

Sometimes luck comes from the first one
the second one gives better

you too look at me carefully one day
I have only one desire in my heart

I can’t rest without seeing you
My heart remains restless until I see you

It’s true that no one is that busy
Couldn’t answer it’s the only thing of importance here

If people liked us then we would also come
But our face is not good and
no one has seen the heart

you are my medicine and my prayer
If I am living then you are the reason for it

tell me something about your life
We are walking on an unknown path

We will neither leave you nor let you go anywhere
Neither will I be made with anyone
Neither will anyone be impressed by you

Hot Shayari in Hindi For Girlfriend in Hindi

True love boyfriend heart touching shayari in english

destroys the day and destroys sleep
How much noise does this broken heart make?

Today when I feel compelled to distance myself from him
So I understood how important it is to stay close

the greater the capacity to love
the greater his ability to feel pain

never cry for that person
Who could not understand you even after seeing your tears

everyone is happy in their own world
Maybe no one needs me anymore

Now if such a day ever comes
if we can’t be together
give me a place in your heart
I arose to dwell in the quarterly soul

Jamba is not just a tool
that you will understand the words
ever see the roar in the eyes
thousands of words will be martyred after martyr

people who are special to the heart
those people pass by every moment

I wish someone would say this
don’t cry you idiot
my pain hurts me too

How can I praise you in words?
How will you be able to put it into words
When people ask about our love
O darling, only you will be visible in my eyes

Comedy shayari in Hindi

Heart touching love shayari in english text

love doesn’t mean waiting
Not everyone loves to watch
This is how we get the message of love every day.
love is life it doesn’t happen every time

we got a nice view again
Because I have your support in my life
Now there is no desire in life
Because now we have the support of your arms

loved beyond limits
So the pain was more than I could bear

Paths change with age
People change in the storm of time
I think I won’t miss you that much but
Intentions change as soon as you close your eyes

Don’t know what it was, don’t know what it is that I’m missing.
Memories are throwing pebbles and the heart is breaking from inside

There are still some pictures left of your memories.
This heart is not empty for anyone else
If I want, I can delete these pictures
But this is not possible for this man

What should I praise about you?
Every word smells like roses
God has given me such a lovely love
Every day I wish to meet you

Emotions flow when I meet you
Desire fills me when I meet you
hands meet hands and lips meet lips
Hearts meet hearts when I meet you

never love anyone
don’t refuse if it happens
If you can, follow his path.
Otherwise don’t spoil someone’s life just like that

To be honest, it seems like a dream to them
If you complain, they think it’s a joke
We remember him so deeply and he is the only one.
To whom it all seems a coincidence

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Heart touching shayari of a love in english

Now even the words on my lips crave for you.
They smell fragrant at your mention and scatter in your prostration.

When she comes to me unknowingly
heart beat increases
Know how people love
Heart says it happens, it happens

When I see you, there is a knock in my heart
like waves moving in the ocean
I thought I would never tell you
Your face is in these eyes every moment

Who says that you and I live separately?
You are our companion in the journey of memories.
we are oblivious of life
You are so settled in our hearts

When they realized love;
He came and kept crying with us the whole day;
We also turned out to be so selfish, friends;
Covered with a shroud and kept sleeping with closed eyes

how much you have forced my heart
No one has to see this except you

your face looks more beautiful than the moon
That’s why my heart beats for this face

My heart became helpless in love for you
by eradicating infidelity
I am yours forever

My damn heart is not ready to love her.
I join hands and he hugs me

Ever since I looked into your eyes
no mirror looks good
I have become so crazy in your love
You don’t like it if someone else sees you.

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